Yoga Courses :

Foundation Yoga

A building needs a very good foundation to stand long-time without any damage. Likewise a yoga practitioner has to be based on a good foundation in all the way to progress in yoga field. This foundation course is combination of beginner and intermediate Asana and other Yoga practices, provides good base to practitioner in all the layers of the body, prepares nervous system, stretches and strengthens muscular system, increases flexibility with attractive body shape, firmness in the posture and in the mind takes in to higher level of the yoga practice.

Advance Yoga

Some of you may struggle with stiff back and discomfort to sit and weak in balancing with Hand , head , Leg etc. Here we have solutions in Advance Mysore Yoga sessions. We teach many difficult yoga postures with anatomical techniques to get good flexibility in back, hip as well as to balance in most of the Balancing Asanas very easily. For this proposes we have adapted a suitable Mysore Style Yoga classes followed with selected with Suitable techniques of the B.K.S.Iyengar getting into posture and out of the posture flow like Mysore Style Vinyasa Yoga . It also includes most of the useful special Basic yoga posture of the Shivananda and Swami Vivekananda Yoga Kendra(Svyasa) .

Yoga Therapy Training

Yoga Therapy course will be useful for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapist to enhance their teaching skill and to take yoga class for patients.Yoga therapy based on panchakosha and panchaprana(five layers and five pranas)Chakra, Nadi, Mudra, Elements,Dosha and Ashtanga yoga(8 limbs) system . All kinds of somatopsychic and psychosomatic ailments will be handled at all level of our existence for quickest results. Anna maya kosha, prana maya kosha,mano maya kosha, vijnanamaya kosha,ananda maya kosha includes practice of kriyas, yogic exercises and movements, yogasanas, pranayama, dharana, dyana, emotion culture, chanting, relaxation, meditation, yogic diet, Yogic assessments, Diagnostic tools, Life style management, etc.

Partner | Acro Yoga

Partner yoga is a practice of yoga into the realm of relationship. Designed for two or more people, partner yoga utilises the forms and principles of individual posture while incorporating the presence of another to deepen the impact of the experience. This particular style of partner yoga awakens our human potential through the integration of universal principles such as compassion, trust, balance and creativity.

Partner Yoga is not a substitute for individual yoga practice; it is an accelerated path to experience directly the root principle of yoga- union . To experience union , we relax into the present moment and our individual presence . From this primary connection with ourselves, we realise our essential sameness and unity with others.

During partner yoga practice challenges arise and we often experience emotions and internal conflicts. As partners work together, supporting one another, a context is created for examining larger principles of our human nature in relationship